Last-Minute Vintage Halloween Costumes

I think we can all agree that Halloween in 2020 is far from ordinary. This year, it's all about binge-watching my favorite Halloween flicks, snacking on candy (an activity not limited to October) and -- wait, was that a Coach purse? 

After doing a double-take, I was inspired! Vintage on Halloween? Forget those plastic, throw-away, "sexy" costumes. I'm talking about easy ensembles you probably already own, with a dash of vintage glam. 

Here are a few ideas, based on some vintage Coach bags I spotted this year!

1. Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs

Agent Starling is one of the most fierce, vulnerable, smart, and curious heroines to emerge from contemporary fiction. Silence of the Lambs is such a staple of this genre, referencing Jodie Foster's character is as simple as it chic! Just grab "your good handbag and your cheap shoes" and a few other essentials (think, a vintage tweed blazer) for this look

2. Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote

Mystery writer and amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher is the undersung hero of female detective style. Often using her wardrobe as a disguise, there are a lot of references to choose from when styling yourself like award-winning actress Angela Lansbury. Here I've gone with a simple blue 50s-inspired palette, along with her typical Coach handbag.

2. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

Ok, to be honest, I spotted a Coach purse on one of Patrick Bateman's victims! If you've seen American Psycho you know that it didn't end well. So, I thought it would be more fun to create a femme version of Patrick for Halloween! A chic suit, clear raincoat, walk-man, and a couple pops of red are all you need to impersonate Christian Bale's most terrifying yuppie. 

Side Note: my sister just asked what a "walk man" was. So, there's that. Happy Halloween everyone! 

XO, Kat

I am thinking of doing another series of vintage bags in the wild, in films and television, maybe for the holidays! What do you think?

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