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Our Little Vintage Story

It all started with...that one bag. You know the one. 

The one you've convinced yourself you don't need, but well, you kinda do need it...the pockets are large enough to hold the essentials, the strap hits your shoulder just right, and it goes with everything -- well, that's the story of my life! Or, at least it was...

My mother and I have shared a handbag collection for as long as I can remember. Mostly made up of purses that were functional and fun, if it was one phrase I heard on repeat, it was "if you take care of this bag, you will have it forever." And mom was right. 

An Appreciation for Pre-Loved Purses

The only problem was, as I got older, and the size of cell phones changed, I realized the quality of most handbags now is drastically different from when it was, say, twenty years ago. I started gravitating more towards retro and vintage handbags. Because of my mom's care and conditioning of our purses, I knew how to handle simple repairs and keep our collection vibrant. My love for vintage has only grown. 

About Little Vintage Cafe

Now, I am working on sharing this passion with you -- because I know that feeling - the perfect purse feeling. When a small crossbody is all you need for a day of sight-seeing, or a smart briefcase is the symbol that you have achieved your professional me - I get it.

At Little Vintage Cafe, our goal is to accessorize the fabulous person you are, because frankly, you deserve it.